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Distribution System

Original distribution system building with stable provision of a wide range of pharmaceuticals at a low cost.

The biggest issue for pharmaceuticals distribution can be said to be how to stably supply sought-after pharmaceuticals at a low price. If the item is identical or equivalent to what you’re seeking, then having it supplied at a lower price is ideal; this is the kind of common sense idea that I’ve made my policy.
We’ve been driving forward with the building of an efficient system for pharmaceuticals distribution that keeps down related costs, such as that having to do with sales orders and deliveries, in accordance with the need for lower prices at pharmacies and drugstores, as well as of at hospitals and medical institutions. Through the cutting of costs, we have pursued the stable supply of safe, high-quality, and low-cost pharmaceuticals.
Moreover, we have above all arranged a framework that secures rich amounts of inventory for high in-demand products and which can speedily respond to orders made.

Distribution Revolution

Pharmaceuticals take a complex route that goes through primary wholesalers, secondary wholesalers, and tertiary wholesalers.
The reason pharmaceuticals are expensive is because of the margins taken by each of these wholesalers. However, be securing many purchase route, cutting down on margins taken by each of these middlemen, eliminating waste in the sales order and delivery processes, and rationalizing the system, we’ve established a system the provides what you really need at prices that are affordable.

Hospitals and Medical Institutions

Handling hospitals-use pharmaceuticals numbering more than 10,000 types at any point in time and providing supply for orders in a speedy and stable manner.

We provide better products at more reasonable prices along with of course, a wide range of product lineups, assured quality control and expiry date management. We handle hospital-use pharmaceuticals numbering more than 10,000 types at any point in time and approach orders from institutions such as hospitals with a speedy and stable supply framework.
This stance has been evaluated highly, and we’ve been supported by many users such as national and public hospitals around the county, medical institutions, privately practicing physicians and health clinics. In a market where over 100 new pharmaceutical products are becoming available each year, we are driving forward actively with quick information provision and recommendation proposal activities.
For a wide variety of product requests from hospital pharmacies and stringent cost request from supplies divisions, while responding to the needs of each situation, we’ll meet challenges head on with the aim of improving upon and establishing efficient distribution systems in the future as well.

Pharmacies and Drugstores

Having customers from many pharmacies and drugstores regardless of scale and expansion of sales areas all across the country

There are 60,000 general pharmacies and drugstores country-wide. From small-scale stores to large drugstore chains, we have customers from many pharmacies and drugstores regardless of the scale and from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, we have been expanding our sales area across the country. Above all, we are driving forward actively with the building an efficient system for sales orders and deliveries characterized by direct mailing, phone calls, faxes, and home delivery services, and have arranged a framework that widely utilizes the merits of our pricing.